Willow Glen Shopping & Restaurants

Willow Glen Shopping

Downtown Willow Glen
Lincoln Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125

Downtown Willow Glen spreads on both sides of Lincoln Ave., starting at the crossing of Minnesota Ave. (South) and stopping at Coe Ave. (North) for about one mile. Downtown Willow Glen boasts over 300 businesses, including over 40 restaurants, 60 health and beauty spots and many more retail and business services ranging from interior decoration, cleaning, real estate to accounting and legal services. In one sentence, this place is one of the very few alternatives in San Jose to mall shopping and the perfect place for small-town boutique fans. History also has a place in Willow Glen with a few landmarks building (Garden Theater, Buffington House). The Willow Glen Business Association (WGBA) whose members include businesses property owners in Downtown Willow Glen is very active to preserve and promote the attraction of the area.

Domus Too
1395 Lincoln Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125
Tel: (408) 279-4787

The Willow Glen branch of the famous Los Gatos landmark store, open since March 2008, is located at the south “gate” of Downtown Willow Glen. Like its sister store, it carries a large selection of cookware, kitchen gadgets, table settings as well as unique stationery and fun articles for kids. Ideal for family gifts. One of the nicest shops of the Downtown Willow Glen area. A friendly and cozy place to explore before or after a pause at Starbucks Coffee, located across the street.

New Millennium Interiors
1091 Foxworthy Ave.
San Jose, CA 95118
Tel: (408) 694-0401 

This 23-years old family-owned upholstery & furniture repair retail business located in South Willow Glen was recommended to me by a family member. They offer custom upholstery for “anything you can think of”, home and office furniture as well as car and boat furniture at fair prices. The place also carries a good selection of drapes and blinds.

Hijinx Comics
250 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
Tel: (408) 266-1103

The oldest comic book shop in San Jose and the only one of its kind in Willow Glen. The store carries a very large selection of graphic novels with many books at bargain prices. New comics arrive every Wednesday and can be reserved and/or pre-ordered upon request. The store is also known in the area for its selection of kids’ books (not just comic books) and good inventory of back issues, all priced at $1 (look under the tables).

Willow Glen Restaurants

La Villa Delicatessen
1319 Lincoln Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125
Tel: (408) 295-7851

Located at the heart of Downtown Willow Glen, La Villa, a family-owned sandwich place run by the Bertucellis ranks among the top Deli of the Bay Area. La Villa is renowned way beyond Willow Glen for its Ravioli dishes aka "Ravs" (both cooked and uncooked), universally recognized regardless of the filling (beef, cheese, spinach and even lobster). Recommended special include the "Death Sandwich", the Chris Combo (created by the son of the owners) and the Caesar Pasta Salad. Beware the crowd at lunchtime and make sure to take a number as soon as you walk in.

Willow Glen Meats & Smokehouse
885 Delmas Ave.
San Jose, CA 95173
Tel: (408) 279-4009

Located in the North east part of Willow Glen, two blocks above Coe Ave. on Delmas Ave., this family-run deli and sandwich place is one of the favorite lunch destinations of Willow Glen residents and commuters. Old fashioned & friendly service, freshness and a huge selection of meat are the winning ingredients of the place. The owners claim to be able to smoke almost anything, from fish, sausage to poultry, venison, etc. Definitely not for vegans but a must for all meat lovers.