Willow Glen Landmarks

Victorian Homes in Willow Glen

Willow Glen neighborhood
San Jose, CA 95125

The Victorian style is a traditional architectural style (vs. a contemporary style), inspired by the design of houses built during the reign of Queen Victoria of England (1819-1901).

Victorian design rose to prominence in San Jose towards the end of the 19th century and blossomed initially in the area known today as the Hensley Historic District (located between North 1st (West) North 4th (East), Empire St. (North) and Julian St. (South). Many of the houses in that area today are City Landmarks.

The Victorian style was popularized in San Jose by the world-famous Winchester Mystery House, which rose from the ground in 1884 in West San Jose.

Victorian style reached Willow Glen in the 1870-1880s as the area was drained, planted (with the once-famous orchards) and urbanized around Lincoln Avenue, which quickly emerged as Willow Glen’s main shopping area.

Many farm houses, located today in the heart of Willow Glen (along Minnesota Ave., Bird Ave., Cherry Ave., Willow St.) were actually built in Victorian style. The Buffington House (1224 Lincoln Ave.), built in 1905, is another classic example of Victorian architecture in the Downtown Willow Glen area.

Some of the finest examples of Victorian-architecture homes in San Jose are located all over the core neighborhood of Willow Glen, many restored and well-tended by caring families. Famous Willow Glen Victorian homes include the Maynard Mansion, the Queen Anne Victorian, the Horace Foote Victorian, the Ridley Victorian, the William Cozzens Victorian to name a few.

L.D Bohnett House

940 Palm Haven Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125

The house of L.D Bohnett, once an influential attorney & state assemblyman in the 1920s, located in the Palmhaven neighborhood of Willow Glen, is one of many historic homes of San Jose. According to City officials, the 1919-built one-story home is a variant of the Prairie-style building with neoclassical influences. Joan Bohnett, a retired history teacher and the granddaughter of L.D. Bohnett, lives in the house and has restored it since 1994. The place was declared a Landmark by the San Jose City Council in October 2008. L.D Bohnett is remembered for fighting a railroad trying to divide Willow Glen in the 1920s.

Willow Glen Branch Public Library

1157 Minnesota Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125
Tel: (408) 808-3045

Located off Lincoln Ave., the Willow  Glen library was opened in August 2008 and recently renovated and enlarged. The 13,000 square feet library now offers in a very modern and clean surrounding an internet café (Wifi hotspots), self-checkout computers, a fireplace, a large kids’ book section as well as a large selection of audio material (DVD, CDs, Audio Books, etc). Check out the Reading Room for quiet time. The Library also provides a Community Room with a capacity of 50 people and features regular events for Willow Glen residents.

Wallenberg Park

Curtner Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125
Tel: (408) 347-5900

Enclosed in the heart of the Willow Glen neighborhood, this 9 acres park, named after a Swedish WWII hero & diplomat, is located off Curtner Ave., between Cottle Ave. and Cherry Ave. Wallenberg Park has a lot going for itself: 18 picnic tables, 8 lighted tennis court, 4 BBQ pits, 2 playgrounds. Parking is scarce though.