About Willow Glen in San Jose, CA

Homes in Willow Glen in San Jose, CA, rank among the most desirable properties in San Jose and are favored by home buyers seeking for top rated schools, a safe environment and quiet surroundings.

Willow Glen charm resides in particular in its downtown area which spreads around Lincoln Avenue and starts above Minnesota Avenue. Downton Willow Glen is one of the most colorful and authentic downtown areas in the Bay Area and  provides a wide selection of services, shops and restaurants for all tastes. Downtown Willow Glen also proudly features some of the most ancient houses in San Jose such as the Bergman building and the Adobe Hall.
Homes For Sale by Sophia Delacotte Willow Glen Realtor

Houses for sale in the heart of Willow Glen are highly sought after and command high prices. However, affordable homes for sale can still be found all over Willow Glen, including Victorian houses, but are quickly snapped by savvy buyers and investors as soon as available on the Willow Glen real estate market.

Over the last few years, many Willow Glen schools have consistently performed and continue to be awarded top API scores as confirmed in the latest API report issued by the California Department of Education for 2010. Top Elementary Schools of Willow Glen include River Glen, Montessori and Schallenberger among others.

As a result of the school attraction, and thanks to a very active local community association in Willow Glen, kids can enjoy plenty of  week-ends and after-school activities ranging from music, dance, cooking and beading classes to name just a few.

If you are looking for a family-oriented  environment associated with a traditional  lifestyle in the heart of  the Silicon Valley, you should start looking for houses for sale in Willow Glen. As a San Jose Realtor and area expert of Willow Glen, I will be more than happy to help you find the perfect place in this preserved area of San Jose, CA.